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Kelly Costello
CEO and Owner
Began: Founded Puppy Cake in 2007
Dogs: JRT/ Poodle named Pita 2 Cattle Dog Mixes named Blenda and Finn
Boston Terrier/ Pomeranian named Gary
Terrier Mix named Jefe
Favorite Puppy Cake Product: Puppy Scoops Peanut Butter
Likes: Aerial silks and sunshine
Dislikes: Mud season
Katie Emerick
Customer Service and Logistics Manager
Began: August 2018
Dog: Pitbull named Kratos
Favorite Puppy Cake Product: Smart Scoops Pumpkin Ice Cream
Likes: Fiji Water and a plethora of music
Dislikes: Price of Fiji water!

Chris John
Assistant Manufacturing Manager
Began: June 2017
Dog: Blue Tick Coonhound/ German Short Hair Pointer Mix named Dexter
Favorite Puppy Cake Product: Puppy Scoops Vanilla
Likes: Loud music and bubble baths
Dislikes: Tom Wilson and thieves
Brendan Cannon
Assistant Production Manager
Began: February 2018
Dog: Beagle named Kelso
Favorite Puppy Cake Product: Banana Cake Mix
Likes: Magnets
Dislikes: People’s knees
Paige Nussbaum
Production Assistant
Began: February 2019
Dogs: Lab mix named Sonny
Favorite Puppy Cake Product: Red Velvet Cake Mix
Likes: Long romantic walks to the fridge.
Dislikes: Empty fridge.