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“I Don’t Always Bake, But When I Do, It’s for My Dog”

Dog treats are what we know and baking for our pups is what we do best! Here at Puppy Cake, we manufacture and sell cake mixes, ice cream mixes and a cookie mix, all for YOUR DOG!


Puppy Cake Mix – Our cake mixes for dogs bake just like a regular cake by adding egg, oil and water. You can microwave or bake! Each box of cake mix comes with an icing packet, and just add water to the icing.

Flavors: Peanut butter (most popular), Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Banana and Carob.

Ingredients: rice flour or wheat flour, cane sugar, peanuts or beets or pumpkin or carob or banana flavor, baking powder and salt. Icing: tapioca starch and yogurt powder.

*Makes a 6” cake or 8 cupcakes!

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix– Just add water and freeze! Our grain-free ice cream mixes require no refrigeration, as each pint comes as a powdered mix. Serve by the scoop or let your dog lick out of the ice cream cup.

Flavors: Peanut Butter, Maple Bacon, Vanilla, Carob and Candy Cane.

Ingredients: whole milk (lactose free), cane sugar, peanuts or carob or natural vanilla flavor or natural maple bacon flavor, gelatin and salt.

Smart Scoops Ice Cream Mix - Made with whole Goat's Milk, just add water and freeze for ice cream for dogs. Smart Scoops are grain free and sugar free.

Flavors: Blueberry and Pumpkin.

Ingredients: whole goat's milk, blueberry, beets or pumpkin flavor, gelatin and salt.

Holiday Cookie Mix (Includes a Bone Shaped Cookie Cutter) – Make homemade “sugar” cookies for your dog and get a free bone-shaped cookie cutter too!

Ingredients: rice flour, tapioca flour, cane sugar, whole milk powder, baking soda, natural vanilla flavor and salt.

*Makes 18 bone-shaped cookies!


  • Puppy Cake Peanut Butter is the 2nd best-selling cake mix on Amazon, beating out all but 1 cake mix for people.
  • Launching the Puppy Scoops Ice Cream doubled the business over night.
  • Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix received 2nd Place in the "New Product Showcase-Natural Pet" at the Global Pet Expo in 2015.
  • Carob Chip Cookie Mix won the "New Product Showcase-Natural Pet" at the Global Pet Expo in 2014.
  • Puppy Cake appeared on Shark Tank - Season 3.
  • Won "Best in Show" at Global Pet Expo in 2018.


  • Featured on Season 3 - February 2012
  • Sharks Present on the Panel: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner (premiere episode) and Robert Herjavec.
  • What did we ask for: $50,000 for 25%
  • Result: No deal. However, the exposure was so great that in the month that the episode aired, Puppy Cake’s sales were higher than the entire year prior. One year later, Kelly was able to work on the company full time. Carry just 3 products, Puppy Cake expanded into 17 products!
  • Sales exploded and if Kelly were to go on the show now, she would likely get a deal. What Puppy Cake did in a year at time of filming, it now does in less than 3 weeks. Kelly went from working out of her home to a 5,500 square foot facility that is getting too small ??
  • Highlights: Kevin O’Leary said, “Who cares if your dog dies, just buy a new one.” Lori Greiner thought that Puppy Cake was a good idea, but in order to have a business, Kelly needed to offer a full line of products. Mark Cuban called Kelly a “wantrepreneur” because the sales were so low after 5 years of business.
  • Behind the scenes: The executive producer, Yun Lingner, contacted the Puppy Cake website and asked to call her. That was the first “interview” and Kelly was fast tracked. Six weeks after the phone call, Kelly was standing in the Shark Tank studio. Shark Tank is filmed in Los Angeles. Contestants are unable to hang out with the Sharks behind the scenes or get to shake their hands

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