Celebrity Birthday Parties for the Dogs

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When it comes to celebrating pets, people would go all out for that their little companion who is always there with them. No other way to show appreciation than to give your pet a grand birthday celebration. Dogs are as faithful as the word ‘faithful’ and we all know that. So, you must cherish that loving creature the best way that you can.

When planning a birthday party for your dog, you need as much props and inspiration as you can get- decorations, dog cake, theme, food, gifts and many more. Sometimes, people tend to leave out the birthday cake for dogs. Don't do it. That should be the first item in your list. It is not a birthday party without cake and in this case, it is not a dog birthday party without a dog birthday cake

Now, while planning, you need to set a theme and that comes from inspiration. How big or small you decide to go relies solely on you. But, if you want to go ahead and see what other people are doing for their dogs, there's no other place to look than at celebrities. These folks go all out for their pets and it’s easy to swoon over it. To make it easier for you, let's look at some celebrities and how they went all out for their dog pets. 

1. The Obamas and Their White House Dog Party

One would easily conclude that the Obamas are quite busy and would not have time to lavish their dogs with love on their birthday. Well, think again. Bo and Cappy may have made the list on being one of the dogs to have a ‘White house birthday party’. Well, it wouldn't be a big deal for them considering that they live there. The dogs were celebrated many times while Obama was still the president and at the fourth birthday, the then first lady, Michelle, was in attendance. Awesome right? The Obamas dog birthday party didn't seem quite as lavishing when it came to going all out but the cozy nature of the party made it more intimate. Of course, there were treats, gifts and dog birthday cake.

If you want a treat from the Obamas, you could draw inspiration and give your dog(s) a warm and cozy birthday party so they feel loved.

2. Sofia Vergara's Birthday Party for Baguette

If you know Sofia Vergara, you would also know how crazy she is about her dog Baguette. So, it wouldn't come as a surprise to see the lavish birthday party she threw for her dog. She didn't restrain when spending money for the dog’s birthday party. She invited friends and families to celebrate also. The outstanding aspect of that party was the dog birthday cake that was clearly a spitting image of the Chihuahua. One could even mistake them for the other. She sprayed the dog with money, showered her with gifts and dressed her up in matching pink and pearls. Let's just say it was a birthday party Baguette won't be forgetting so soon.

Just like Sofia, you could invite friends to your party and order a dog birthday cake to look like your dog(s). They'll love it.

3. Jason Biggs and his World Tour Dog Birthday Party

Now, Jason Biggs went unique and outdoors when it came to celebrating his dog's 13th year. Well, that one is a big leap. He celebrated it at a Jewish temple, Sinai temple, with a traditional Jewish candle lighting ceremony. Biggs didn't stop there, he travelled to different places with his dog and was not hesitant to post these pictures on his Instagram page. What a proud dog lover.

Although Biggs didn't use a dog birthday cake instead opting for a traditional bread, Challah, it was a worthy celebration. You can opt for other pastries and cookies and dog ice cream but cake is always the signature move.

4. Corinne Fisher and her Jungle Themed Dog Birthday Party

The thing about celebrities is that they are willing to bend the rule book as long as it celebrates their dog companion. Corinne was not left out when she shocked the world by planning a jungle themed birthday party for her rescue dog, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. The party was well designed with animal prints and there was a costume for her dog. The party looked ravishing and it came as no surprise since the comedian hired her very own dog party planner. Of course, the party was complete with a dog birthday cake which had a picture of her dog on it.

When you plan your dog’s birthday party, try to be as creative as possible. Choose themes that would be unique and bring more fun to your pet. Don't also forget dog games too.

5. Ray J and Boogotti's Lavish Birthday Party

When it came to throwing a party for his dog Boogotti, Ray J exercised absolutely no restraint. From the invitation, to the treats, decorations, birthday cake, gifts, the singer spent a whopping sum of $30,000. The party was thrown at Petrock Hotel and Spa. People were invited to the event and other dogs too. It is not a dog party without other dog friends. The party was planned so extravagantly, that there was a red carpet section for the pets. Boogotti is really one loved dog.

When it comes to your dog birthday party, don't forget to invite other of your dog's friends. It would make them happier.

Final Thoughts.

Celebrities and their parties do lead to a lot of tight emotions and it’s a good source of inspiration. Try to bring in different concepts every year when celebrating your friend's birthday party and never forget the gifts, treats and cake. We'll call it the “triple treats”. Gifts, treats and birthday cake for dogs. When getting these three, ensure that they are dog approved. You can get assured products at Puppy Cake which arrived in less than a week.

Why not go on ahead and plan that party for your dog(s) and share pictures of your wonderful event on social media. Don't forget to tag us.

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