5 Reasons That Dogs Love Cake

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Our beloved furbabies are the apples of our eye and the best part of our day. How do these very human like, but still canine, beings feel about cake?

Here’s 5 reasons that dogs love cake:

  1. A break from the monotony. Everyday they get the same dry kibble or dry dog treats while their little hearts would love variety. A soft, fluffy cake with flavorful icing are like fire works going off on their tongues!
  2. They know it is special. How do they know that the cake is special for them? Because you tell them with your voice, your body language and your energy. Think about how excited you will be to bring home that carefully chosen puppy cake mix box home knowing that you are going to spoil your pup.
  3. It tastes AMAZING! The aroma (which is oftentimes the most powerful driving force of dogs), the texture, the complexity of the treat, it all adds up to eye poppingly awesome!
  4. It’s the perfect social treat. Share those 8 cupcakes with your friends. It’s a great reason to bring over some furry friends for a play date. Cake and playtime? Sign me up!
  5. Excellent bonding time with your dog. Your kitchen will be filled with the fragrant aroma of sweet (just a tad) baking cake, just like when you were a kid. Now your dog gets to share that experience with you and gets to eat all the calories while you get all the joy.

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