Cookies For Everyone… Even For Your Dog!

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Do you enjoy baking for yourself or for your family? Looking for a fun treat to make your dog? Here at Puppy Cake, we have two fun and easy cookie mixes to feed your dog; Carob Chip Cookie Mix and Holiday Cookie Mix!

Like a traditional chocolate chip cookie, Carob Chip Cookie Mix offers the same great taste of a cookie but we use unsweetened carob chips as a safe and healthy way for dogs to enjoy that chocolaty flavor we all love and enjoy. These cookies are wheat-free, gluten-free and made with flax-seed for a healthy and shiny coat. Just by adding egg, water and oil, Carob Chip Cookie Mix allows you to make 18 fresh-baked cookies for your pup!

And with the Holiday’s RIGHT around the corner, our Holiday Cookie Mix is a MUST HAVE to treat your furry-friend this Holiday season. Share the joy of homemade “sugar” cookies with your dog. Our all-natural cookie mix is made with healthy, dog safe ingredients. A bone shaped cookie cutter is included in the bag to make bone shaped “sugar” cookies . These cookies are wheat-free and gluten free.

Grab your pup a bag today at a local retailer near your or off of!

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