How To: Ice Cream Cake for Your Pup!

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Is your puppy-pal having a summer birthday soon? Are you looking for a fun, yet different cake to treat your dog on their special day? So, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could make an ice cream cake! IT’S HOT! And your pup deserves a treat to help cool down on these warm summer days, especially if it’s their birthday. But I wanted to come up with a fun cake, something different. So, I thought, what sweet treat do I love to enjoy during the summer? AN ICE CREAM CAKE! And your dog would love to have a dog-friendly ice cream cake too!


You’ll Need:

First, I made the carob ice cream; I dumped the contents of the ice cream into a Bullet Mixer and added 2/3 cup of hot tap water to the blender and mixed well. I then poured into a bone-shaped silicone pan and placed into the freezer for about 5 hours. Once the carob ice cream was molded, I removed the hardened carob ice cream onto a sheet of wax paper and placed back into the freezer.

Next, I repeated the steps above with the vanilla ice cream.

Once both the carob and vanilla molds are done, I started on the “icing part” of the ice cream cake!

I set both the cream cheese and Greek yogurt out to reach room temperature, so both were easier to work with. Once ready, I scooped the entire of each container into a bowl and mixed together well.

Next, I placed the carob layer on a level dish. I then spread a thick layer of my “icing” mix all over the carob ice cream layer. Then, I sprinkled (generously) a thick layer of coconut crumble crust on top. Gently place the vanilla layer of ice cream on top of the coconut crumble crust next. Finally, I spread a layer of “icing” on top.

As a decorative touch, I sprinkled some coconut crumble on top of the icing. Lookin’ fancy now!!

To serve, I cut a slice of ice cream cake for my pup to enjoy. And let me say, he loved his cake. Even though his “Gotcha Day” isn’t until November, this boy always gets special treats.

What flavor of ice cream does your dog love?

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