Jack Russel Terrier gobbles up Puppy Scoops Ice Cream even in the Fall!

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It may be Fall, but it sure still feels like Summer! One of our favorite pups loves to enjoy his Puppy Scoops Ice Cream to keep cool while the warm days still exist. Puppy Scoops Ice Cream is a fun, all-natural, super cool way to allow your favorite fur-baby to savor the warm days. Keep your dog cool while they enjoy our four popular Puppy Scoops flavors: Maple Bacon, Vanilla, Carob, Peanut Butter and Peppermint.

Whipping up a cool treat for your dog is so easy, even your children can help treat their dog! Just add 2/3 cup of hot tap water and throw in the freezer for at least 5 hours. To serve, spoon out a couple of ice cream scoops into a small bowl or remove the lid and hand over the cup to your pup and let them go to town!!

If you’re looking for an exciting activity to do with your family, or just enjoy with your favorite puppy, head on over to Amazon and order your favorite flavor of Puppy Scoop Ice Cream today! Your kids will thank you for treating their favorite furry family member and your dog will certainly approve of their favorite chilly treat Puppy Cake also offers 5 doggie-delicious cake mixes to help celebrate your pups birthday in Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Spice, Banana, Carob and Red Velvet.

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