Pumpkin Whoopie Pie's for Your Dog? Say Whaaaaaaat?

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The Fall season just SCREAMS Pumpkin – And I mean everything pumpkin, including Pumpkin Cake Mix for your dog! As I was trying to come up with a fun, yet easy treat for my pup this season, I thought back to what I enjoy (Ok, I enjoy everything food and drink related that is Pumpkin flavored during the season) to eat during Fall. And then I thought, what is pumpkin flavored and a staple to eat during Fall?! Um, yes, Whoopie Pies ?? Even dogs are being “extra” this time of the year with their love of pumpkin spice, so why not make your dog their very own Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pie’s?

I’m about to tell you how easy this recipe is for your dog!They’re going to love this, I promise.

Here is what you need and it’s pretty darn simple:

a.Icing is included in the box of cake mix!Just add water!

b.1 Egg

c.¾ cup of water

d.¼ cup of oil

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees! Follow the directions on the back of the cake mix box, by adding egg, water and oil until batter is smooth.

Once mixed together and the lumps are smooth, scoop batter using a spoon or 1 tablespoon worth of batter onto a baking sheet with non-stick cookie spray.

(Side note, I made only 6 whoopie pies, 12 dollops of batter in the pan, for the purpose of this blog-post. The cake batter will make about 12 whoopie pies total. But make sure you make an even number of dollops on the pan, so each pie has 2 pieces!)

Place the cookie sheet in a pre-heated oven of 350 degrees for about 5-7 minutes. Once those are baked, let cool completely.

While your cake is baking, start the icing. Each box of cake mix includes a packet of yogurt icing. Empty the icing contents into a bowl and add 2 TBSP of water. (If you feel like the icing is too thick, add small drops of water until your happy with the consistency of the icing.

Once the pumpkin cake halves are cooled completely, add a spoonful of icing onto one half of the cake.

Once all halves are filled with icing, add the other half of the cake to create and complete the Whoopie Pie.

Final step, serve to your pup!!!!

See, such a fun and easy treat for your dog/dogs this Fall season. I really hope your pup enjoyed their autumn treat.


CAKE: Wheat Flour, Cane Sugar, Baking Powder, Salt and Natural Banana Flavor

ICING: Tapioca Starch and Dehydrated Yogurt

**Allergen Information: Contains milk. Manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing peanuts.

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