Valentine’s Day SALE – Going On NOW!

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The sweetest day of the year is right around the corner, Valentine’s Day! And to celebrate, we are offering our favorite Valentine’s Day mixes for just $5.00: Red Velvet Cake Mix, Carob Cake Mix and Vanilla Ice Cream Mix.

USE CODE: VDAY at checkout!

Don’t forget about your sweet pup. Bake them a scrumptious cake with a side scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream for Valentine’s Day.

Puppy Cake’s mixes are all-natural, made in the USA products that are formulated for your dog’s belly. A box of cake mix comes with frosting too! Our mixes bake just like a regular cake by adding water, egg and oil. You can make a 6? round birthday cake for your dog or even cupcakes too!

Our Puppy Scoop’s Ice Cream Mix is a freezer-less mix. Just add 2/3 warm tap water, mix and throw in the freezer for 5 hours and your dog has a cool, delicious treat ready to serve!

Order your dog’s mixes today at OR (Code valid on both sites)

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