Greek Yogurt Doggy Icing

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2019 was a blast! It was a year full of exciting dog desserts, dog birthday cake recipes, and home-made dog treats for our doggos! We all learned new ways to let our pups enjoy their treats last year. But with the year just starting, I know your dog would enjoy something new, something healthier yet still appetizing for a snack.

Last year I shared an exciting twist to a good old banana cake recipe for your dog, I added a little bit of cinnamon to spice things up. This year, we are taking it up a notch with a new twist to your regular icing. You can surprise your pups with a great tasting Greek Yogurt Doggy Icing!

The Greek Yogurt Icing is a healthy alternative to butter cream or cream cheese frosting. It’s also refreshing and tasty! A perfect way to start the new year right.

You will need:

1 – 5.3oz Greek Yogurt UNSWEETENED and UNFLAVORED

1 – 8oz Cream Cheese

Set both the cream cheese and Greek yogurt out to reach room temperature so both will be easier to work with. Once ready, scoop the entire of each container into a bowl and mixed together well. I prefer to use a stand mixing with the all purpose paddle. You can also use a hand mixer on low speeds. Spread over cooled cake and store uneaten cake, covered in the freezer or refrigerator immediately.

Tip: If you don’t want your frosting to drip, you can add a little bit of gelatin while mixing the cream cheese and yogurt. Adding just a little plain gelatin will stiffen the frosting up to keep it from sliding off the cake.

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