How to Get a Personalized Birthday Cake for Your Dog!

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As you probably know, we create cake mixes for dogs. Our cake mixes are great for birthday celebrations, “Gotcha Day”, or simply any day of the week! Our cake mixes even come complete with icing mix which allows you to have an at-home dog bakery! Bake just like a regular cake by adding egg, water and oil, your dog is able to enjoy an all-natural and healthy treat.

But what if you’re looking for a personalized cake for your dog and simply do not have the time to bake a cake for your four-legged best friend?! We carry personalized dog birthday cakes too!

Offering two options of cakes for your dog, you get to choose a Classic Personalized Dog Birthday Cake or a Specialty Personalized Dog Birthday Cake.

A “Classic Personalized Dog Birthday Cake” is made fresh daily and ships to your house between 1-2 business days. These classic cakes are soft and made with peanut butter and banana decorated with a hard yogurt icing. Perfect cake for up to 3 dogs, each personalized cake comes in its own brown cake box with bakery twine closing it. A storage sheet is also included to explain how to store the cake and suggestions on what to do with the leftovers.

To customize the cake for your dog, you can choose between six colors of icing: White, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple.

Our “Specialty Personalized Dog Birthday Cake” can be customized with a name or “Happy Birthday” and your dogs name. Please keep in mind that this is a small cake and cannot fit more than “Happy Birthday” and a name. Personalized cakes are 4.5” W x 2.25” H. With 14 different choices, you are able to choose:

  • Pink Princess Cake
  • Blue Prince Cake
  • Pink Skull Cake
  • Blue Skull Cake
  • Sock Monkey Cake
  • Garden Party Cake
  • Garden Cake
  • Tennis Ball Cake
  • Chuck It! Call Cake
  • Unicorn Cake
  • Squirrel Cake
  • Pink Sprinkles Cake
  • Blue Sprinkles Cake
  • Purple Sprinkles Cake

Our gourmet cakes are handmade at the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company in small batches for top quality and human grade. They do not use chemicals, artificial flavors or colors and avoid sugar, wheat, corn, salt, soy and fillers to ensure real taste and real ingredients. Ingredients for the cakes include banana, oat flour, honey, peanut butter, eggs, peanut oil, baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract and baking soda.

When ordering your dog their personalized gourmet cake, please allow one additional shipping day as cakes are made fresh. Order early when possible and freeze this adorable cake. Remove the cake from the freezer and allow at least 4 hours for the cake to thaw and reach room temperature.

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