National Best Friend Day!

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As you probably know there is basically a day to celebrate everything. Some of the weirder ones include national hat day, national ditch your resolution day, and national Potato Chip Day. There is nothing wrong with finding a small thing to celebrate each day, in fact its probably a really great habit to work into your routine. June has two national holidays right in a row that Puppy Cake believes everyone should celebrate.

June 7th was National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and I hope some of you indulged because I know that I did. What is wonderful about this national holiday along with any other holiday involving ice cream is now you can share this delectable treat with your furry best friend! This brings me to yesterday’s national holiday which was National Best Friend Day! So, if you happened to miss National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, no worries, you can celebrate both holidays this week. If you are looking to celebrate, Puppy Cake recommends a warm, soft, moist and flavorful cake for dogs and a few scoops of sweet, smooth and creamy ice cream for dogs. Good thing Puppy Cake can provide both! Our cake mixes for dogs and ice cream mixes for dogs are the perfect way to celebrate these two national holidays. We even have a carob flavored ice cream mix, which is the perfect chocolate substitute. So, while your enjoying your rich and decadent chocolate ice cream, you can share some carob ice cream with your pooch.

I also want to highlight that a perfect present to show how much you love your furry best friend is our new Puppy Scoops and Hoggin’ Dogs Sample packs! Each of these sample pack include four 2.32 oz cartons of our ice cream mixes for dogs. The Puppy Scoops sample pack flavors are Vanilla, Carob, Maple Bacon and Peanut Butter. The Hoggin’ Dogs sample pack flavors are Cheese, Bacon, Banana and Peanut. What a great way to show you best friend how important they are to you on these wonderful holidays!

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