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You all already know what we do! Puppy Cake makes ice cream and cake mix for dogs! So this week we thought it would be fun to shine the spotlight on a product we believe every pet-parent would benefit from owning! This product is one that makes the daily dog walk much more enjoyable! Who out there also hates carrying poop bags for the duration of their walk because a trash can isn’t readily available? I know I do!

The WoofPack is the perfect solution to this problem! Lisa Bast, a passionate dog lover and active person, enjoyed being on-the-go with her Goldendoodle, Micah. Whether on walks, hikes or trips in the car, she valued the time bonding with him. What she didn't like, however, was carrying bags of dog waste and stuffing items into pockets where they were often hard to reach. Some of the poop waste holders just carry the bagged waste but Lisa dreamed of a more efficient product that would hold both the bagged waste and personal items during walks.

After many prototypes and several years, she finally felt comfortable with the design and functionality of the WoofPack dog walking accessory bag. The Pack has an inner antimicrobial compartment to store bagged waste and separate pockets for personal items and dog treats, of course. You can clip keys or waste bag cannister to "D" ring under the flap for easy access. The WoofPack is both efficient, convenient, and stylish for both men and women.

The Pack is great for walks, hikes, trips to the doggy park, vet's office, car trips - even for airplane travel. Made in the USA, The Pack comes in five attractive color combinations in addition to the new "DOG MOM" design and can be worn four ways: crossbody, around-the-waist, over-the-shoulder or the strap can be removed and the bag can be clipped to a belt loop or harness. The Pack is lightweight, water-resistant and durable.

Since the product has launched, there has been tons of positive feedback from pet parents everywhere! Several dog lovers have told Lisa they load up the Pack and hang it near the door. When ready to head out, they grab the bag and go. It saves time from having to run around gathering items. Others have expressed that it is freeing not to have to carry bagged waste. Many have purchased several bags for themselves and for gifts for fellow dog lovers. The Pack has been featured in Dogster magazine and will be featured in the 2020 Holiday Guide in Modern Dog magazine.

As you have read, there is a lot to love about the WoofPack! Normally, on our Blog we talk about how you pooch deserves the very best but pet parents also deserve a product that make their lives easier and more enjoyable. When you’re happy your pup is happy. So head on over to https://woofpacktrails.com/ and get yours today! There is a color for everyone! So get one for yourself and all your friends. We know you wont be disappointed!


"I've been using WoofPack for two years and love it. It's a great bag to take when on-the-go with my dogs, whether out walking or attending doggy events. Love the material. It's a such a versatile bag that's perfect for active dog owners."

Kelley S.

Love it! Especially useful for long walks. Not only does it have an area for the poop bag, but there are separate areas to carry other items, such as keys, phone, and dog treats. It is also very well made. I highly recommend it for any dog parent.

Sheila V.

This is a nice size functional bag with secure pockets for all of your dog walking needs. I use the center compartment (OK, the 'poop compartment') to hold a bottle of water, and other compartments for treats, phone, keys, pick-up bags. It's slim and just the right size. I ordered a longer cross body strap (I'm tall) so that it would be just right for me and it was no problem at all, WoofPack was able to order it and it came to me perfect. Great, sturdy, cute bag. Very nicely made.

Janet M.

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