Summer Blueberry/ Vanilla Ice Cream Paw Print Treats

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It’s summertime and it’s hot outside. I know your dog is craving a puppy pool filled with cool water so he/she can relax and enjoy some water time during the hot summer day. And what doggie treat is the best during summer days? PUPPY SCOOPS ICE CREAM!!!

Today’s blog post is about a cold, creamy dessert that is perfect to cool down your pup during a sunny summer day. We’re going to make a Summer Blueberry/ Vanilla ice cream paw print treat.

Below is what you’ll need to get started:

Let’s get started. For easier handling, place your silicone mold on a baking tray. First, pour the contents of the vanilla ice cream mix into a blender and add 2/3 cup of warm tap water. Blend well until lumps are gone. Next, pour the vanilla ice cream mixture into your choice of a silicone mold, filling the mold only halfway. ***Place the silicone mold into the freezer for about 2 hours to freeze and harden. If you pour the blueberry in too soon, the blueberry mixture will blend with the vanilla and will not create a layer.

Once your vanilla ice cream within the mold has hardened, make the blueberry ice cream. Pour the contents of the blueberry ice cream mix into the same blender and add 1 cup of warm tap water, blending well until again, all lumps are gone. Pour the blueberry ice cream mixture over top of the frozen vanilla ice cream, filling the silicone mold to the top. ***If you want to get fancy, you can sprinkle into the ice cream mixture crush up treats!

Place the silicone mold back into the freezer for another 4-5 hours. Once your ice cream is frozen, remove from the freezer, pop out the paw print molds and SERVE! Your pup is going to absolutely love their frozen and healthy treat.

Puppy Scoops are made with all-natural human grade ingredients and made in the USA. Our Smart Scoops ice cream mixes are made with whole goat’s milk with NO sugar added.

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