Who Let the Hoggin' Dogs Out?

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If you have not heard yet, the makers of Puppy Cake have created a brand new ice cream mix for dogs called, HOGGIN’ DOGS! This flavorful frozen treat is just as smooth and delectable as our other ice cream mixes for dogs but in four new fun flavors that have NO SUGAR ADDED! You can now purchase all the flavors, Bacon, Cheese, Banana, and Peanut, on Puppy Cake’s website! If you couldn’t tell we’re so excited and we just can’t hide it, which is why we have decided to host an Instagram Contest!

The “Who Let the Hoggin’ Dogs Out?” campaign will be taking place on Instagram, start on June 21st, will end on June 30th, and the grand prize winner will be taking home the whole Hoggin’ Dogs collection! Interested in participating, yes? Good, we’re happy you said so! The rules are simple, first, you must follow @puppycakellc on Instagram. Then, Monday through Thursday we will be posting a photo and a description of each ice cream flavor in the Hoggin’ Dogs line, all you have to do is like and comment on all four photos. On Friday, you will then post a photo of your furry friend in motion! This image could be of your four-legged companion running, jumping, playing, dancing, etc. Just make sure to tag us in the picture, @puppycakellc, so we do not miss your entry, and use the hashtag #wholetthehoggindogsout in your caption!

On Saturday, we will post the top five winners to our account. Then it’s up to you to vote for the grand prize winner! To vote simply “like” (Double tap) your favorite photo, it’s that easy. On Tuesday, June 30th, the grand prize winner will be announced!

Here are those rules one more time!

  1. Follow Puppy Cake LLC on Instagram
  2. Like and comment on each photo (you must like and comment on all 4 photos to be entered to win)
  3. On Friday post a photo of your furry friend in motion. This could be running, jumping, playing, etc
  4. Tag us in the picture, so we do not miss your entry: @puppycakellc
  5. Use the hashtag: #wholetthehoggindogsout in your caption

We really hope you decide to participate in the contest because we would love to see what photo of your adorable furry best friend you decide to post! During the week of the contest be sure to check out our InstaStory because there will be reminders and fun polls for you to participate in!

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