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The largest gathering of Shark Tank alums since the show's inception 10 years ago. What an amazing experience!! Connected through their shared experience facing the Sharks on ABC’s award-winning reality show, “Shark Tank,” the entrepreneurs featured on the show benefit from each other long after the cameras stop rolling.

“Shark Tank” alumni join an eco-system that shares resources and supports each other through the ups and downs of business ownership. Now, more than 10 years after the show first aired, the “Shark Tank” alumni community has developed into a diverse group of new and seasoned entrepreneurs representing a wide range of industries. The community connects through online platforms and rare opportunities to meet in person at trade shows or speaking engagements.

The rarity of face-to-face meetings inspired Tiffany Krumins, one of the first “Shark Tank” entrepreneurs to land an investment deal (Ava the Elephant®), to extend her trip for a speaking engagement in the New York Tri-State area and organize the largest-ever gathering of “Shark Tank” alumni. Nearly 50 companies came for the “Shark Tank” Reunion 2019 in New York City on Friday, September 20, 2019.

Founder and CEO of Puppy Cake, Kelly Costello, was one of the attendees at the first ever Shark Tank Reunion. Located in a rural part of Evans City, PA, Puppy cake manufactures cake mixes and ice cream mixes, all for your dog! Made with all-natural, made in the USA ingredients, our cake mixes are made specifically for your dogs’ belly. Baking just like a regular cake, by adding egg, water and oil, our cake mixes are a healthy treat for your dog. Our ice cream mixes for dogs are so easy to make real, creamy ice cream. Just add water and freeze.

The largest gathering of Shark Tank alums since the show's inception 10 years ago was located in Manhattan, NY. Not only did the alums catch up with old friends, bounce business ideas off one another and learn more about each other’s business, but as a group, the alums helped to raise thousands of dollars for the Granting Grace Foundation, which helps to raise funds for childhood cancer. You can read about the foundation HERE!

The attendees are listed below:

  • Mom Genius – “Ava the Elephant” Tiffany Krumins
  • Psi Brands – Romy Taormina
  • Pain Care Labs – Amy Baxter, MD
  • Good Hangups – Leslie Pierson
  • Moki Doorstep – Zach Brown
  • Puppy Cake – Kelly Costello
  • PolyGlide Ice – Jim Loughran
  • Hungry harvest Produce Box – Evans Lutz
  • Innovation Pet – Tm Taft
  • Pooch Selfie – Jason Hernandez
  • Dollap Gourmet – Heather Saffer
  • Grace Nail Park – Barbara Lampugnale
  • Kiwk Hang – Derrek Burr
  • Lori Cheek
  • Dude Robe – Howie Busch
  • Flip It Cap – Steven Epstein
  • Pandaloon Pet Costumes – Chen Eugenia
  • See Rescue Steamer – Dr. Rob Yonover
  • Kressa Peterson
  • Safe Grabs – Cyndi Lee
  • No Mo-Stache – Gita Vasseghi
  • The Beebo – Martin Hill
  • Solemender – Vinay & Ehan Kamat
  • Bridal Buddy – Heather Stenlake
  • Brad Baker
  • Krudo Banz – Hamza & Amanda Naqvi
  • Brand Yourself – Patrick Ambron
  • SiliDog – Mikey Lickstein
  • Myself Belts – Talia Goldfarb
  • Cell Helmet – Mike Kane & Dave Eldridge
  • Swim Zip – Betsy Johnson
  • Extreme Sandbox – Randy Stenger
  • Rebecca Rensing
  • Max Feber
  • The Solemates Heel Protector – Monica Ferguson
  • Original Runners – Julie Goldman
  • Stress Free Kids – Lori Lite
  • Little Nomad – Elizabeth Granados
  • Grypmat – Tom Burden
  • Stephen Hersh
  • Scrub Daddy – Aaron Krause
  • SEND a BALL – Michele Kapustka

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