A Guinness World Record for the Biggest Dog Cake?

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Can you imagine baking the largest puppy cake and getting a Guinness World Record to show for it? Well Service Dogs, Inc. from Dripping Springs, TX was able to walk away with that awesome title.

Looking for a new and exciting challenge for her and her coworkers at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk Fundraiser, Sheri Soltes, president and founder of SDI, came up with the idea to attempt to make the world’s largest puppy cake, and they did just that!

The massive dog cake included 35lbs of dog kibble, 72 cans of dog food, 17 dozen eggs, flour and water. The icing on the cake was actually instant mashed potatoes. The final weight of the world’s largest cake: 304lbs.

But what is a dog cake without a dog eating the cake? After the final weigh and the official picture taken, slices of cake were gobbled up by the dogs who patiently waited.

Even though SDI created the world’s largest puppy cake, they were also able to raise $114,000 during the fundraiser. The funds raised for SDI will help dog’s in their care. What’s better than that?!

You can read the full story here: This is the Guinness World Record Holder for Biggest Dog Cake

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